Exciton partnered with the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) for research and technical expertise to help expand the Edmonton-based company’s core technology platform: Ag Oxysalts™. Exciton’s proprietary technology leverages the antimicrobial properties of silver to create innovative, cost effective and safe products to prevent bacterial growth and the spread of infections. 

The Ag Oxysalts™ polymer composites developed by Exciton and NINT have numerous technical and marketing advantages. The new formulations enhance stability which results in a longer shelf life and the process to create the composites enables access to a larger number of medical substrates. By incorporating new materials and delivery platforms, Exciton now has much larger and global market access.

Crawford Healthcare accelerates entry into US market through partnership with Exciton Technologies


Crawford Healthcare has signed a long-term partnership agreement with Exciton Technologies, a Canadian technology company, to exclusively licence their patented Exsalt® antimicrobial woundcare technology.

Knutsford-based Crawford Healthcare will take over the existing Exciton operations in the US, including its salesforce, to complement Crawford’s own recently opened US entity. The healthcare supplier has also secured the initial rights for most of Europe, Russia and CIS along with other territories, with the option to gain worldwide rights.

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CardinalHealthCanada CMYK

March 1, 2014, Cardinal Health Canada and Exciton Technologies Inc. will join forces to form an even stronger alliance in the Canadian Healthcare Marketplace.  Cardinal Health Canada will become the exclusive distributor of Exsalt® SD7 and Exsalt® T7 within Canada.

Read formal announcement letter here.


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