Exciton Technologies Inc. (inc. 2001) is a Canadian advanced materials research and development company that focuses on the creation of technologies for preventing and controlling infection. Exciton’s technologies are capable of bringing silver-based wound care products out of the elite market segment and into broader commercial and consumer applications. Advantages include lower cost and an advanced higher valence ionic silver state designed to be a broad spectrum antimicrobial barrier.

Our Team

At Exciton Technologies Inc., we have been fortunate to recruit a management team with extensive industry experience to spearhead our advanced silver technologies. Exciton Technologies has also recruited an experienced in-house team of product and process development scientists and a manufacturing team. Our senior management team and all of our staff are committed in developing advanced products that improve clinical outcomes for both patients and consumers.

Board of Directors

Exciton Technologies Inc. has compiled a strong board that provides assistance in strategic guidance and decision making.

Medical Advisory Committee

Exciton’s Medical Advisory Committee is comprised of key scientists and physicians who guide Exciton in the field of infection control and wound care.


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